Chapter One: Off limits series

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On a girl’s night, out Lori meets a sexy bad boy named Chad at a secret club called Kink. The attraction is crackling between the two and for once she lets her hair down a little. Putting the night behind her, she heads back to the real world only to run into the one temptation she tries to leave behind.

It’s hard to land a decent job right out of college and Lori was lucky to land a job at a successful publishing company Bourbon Publishing. Lori sets out to set the pub world on fire with her grandiose ideas and persistent attitude, but things get complicated when she meets her boss and Managing Editor Chad Brunswick the sexy guy she met at Kink.

Bourbon Publishing is a career making company and Lori has her eye on the prize. Bourbon Pub has a strict no fraternization rule and Lori is not about to let a handsome face ruin what she’s been working hard for. Can Lori focus on what matters or will Chad lure her into his sexy world of books and kink?

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As a book reviewer, I understand the importance of a good first impression and as a writer I am terrified. I am terrified of not being liked and I must admit that has made the writing process longer. 

I am stepping outside of my comfort zone and giving Wattpad a try. Every week I will post a chapter on a project I am working on called “THE OFF-LIMITS SERIES”

The off-limits series is multiple short erotic romance stories focused on people who fall in love despite outside influences that threaten to tear them apart.

The first story is Chad & Lori


Lori Mathers has always done the right thing, after a betrayal Lori has a one night stand with a sexy stranger. Putting the night behind her she lands her dream job at Bourbon Publishing; a company with a strict fraternization rule. Lori is on top of the world, until the CEO Martha Bourbon walks in with her son Chad who is also the sexy stranger from the bar. Martha has plans to tame her playboy son with marriage and nothing  or no one will get in the way.

Chad is given his own imprint in his mother’s successful publishing company. The name Bourbon rings bells in every rich circle and he intends to live up to the name. After spotting the woman he can’t stop thinking about in an orientation held by his mother he knows then that he must have her.

Lori Mathers must keep the only man who ever made a feel anything at bay to follow her dreams. Chad is a rich playboy used to getting his way and he wants to have his way with Lori.


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Book review

Review: Marked: Winter (Blood Courtesans)

Marked: Winter (Blood Courtesans)Marked: Winter by Gwen Knight

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ethen Rune is a centuries old vampire used to his solitude. He’s wealthy and disciplined, he expects extreme competence from those around him. Amelia Winters is the baby sister to a family of vampire slayers, she was raised to hate all vampires. When Amelia’s best friend Tessa has a near fatal encounter with a vampire, Amelia must enter the world of blood courtesans to save her friend’s life. Blood courtesans are expected to seduce and satisfy their vampire sponsors. Can Amelia bring herself to seduce the very creature her family has hunted for years? She soon realizes that there are no rules where vampires are concerned and that her own life and heart may be at stake.

At first reading this I thought this was going to be the same old cliché vampire romance. Vampire meets seemingly shy young woman and saves her from a dangerous vampire and they fall in instant love. What I discovered was much more, this is a love story of two people who are not supposed to even like each other falling in love and saving each other. The characters were original and complex. Their relationship progressed quickly but the chemistry was authentic. The story takes place in Chicago where vampires make a home for their selves. Marked builds a world within reality giving readers a clear understanding of vampires and what governs their actions.
The only growth area for this book is the setting could have been strengthened a little more. I would have loved to experience the city more in the writing. Marked: Winter (Blood Courtesans) in a few words is action-packed, at the edge of your seat love story of two enemies falling in love. This book held me captive until the very last page.

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Food for thought

What makes a good book good?


When studying literature I am taught the story is not good unless the writer pays attention to craft. Every scene has a purpose and every character is placed for the good of the whole story. I am an avid reader; I am also a student studying the craft hoping that one day I can create a masterpiece worthy of reading. Every book I read the voice of my instructors appear in my thoughts. How was the character development? What is the climax in the story? A bunch a questions hit me all at once, when I’m finished assessing I can’t tell if I enjoyed the book or not. There are also books I come across when I read work from an inexperienced writer and I enjoy the book, with the exception of a few grammatical or formatting errors the book takes me hostage and releases me at the end of the last page.

I am not saying that craft has no place, I have read books from authors who use craft as an ingredient crafted masterfully to produce a satisfying reading delight. Their creativity is mostly showcased, using craft as a spice to enhance but not to overpower their literary dish.

My question to you my experienced writers “How do I know what rules I follow and what rules I can break when I study them all? Is there rules for each genre? Or am I doomed to figure out my personal style as a writer by winging it, using  readers as test dummies to see what works? I know where imagination is concerned, there are no rules. How do I practice the craft without being a slave to the rules, or a rebel against all rules? Neither is a good place, I am trying to find my balance.

I want to thank all of my followers for reading and following my posts. Feel free to post your comments, advice or reactions in the comment box.

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Blog Spotlight

LaFifeReviews: Blog Spotlight

A friend gave me a copy of this book to read and I knew right away that it would be my new beginning on this site. This is the first graphic novel that I’ve read and if all graphic novels are like this I would read them all. The Sculptor is the story of David […]

via Review: The Sculptor — LaFifeReviews

I read this book and I came across this review, I think she really deeply understands the book and it was refreshing to read. I hope you enjoy

Book review

Review: The Matchmaker’s Playbook

As an avid reader when you’ve read a lot of books, you start to realize good books are hard to find. Until my buddy Amazon came along, I love that I receive emails with books that fall into my interests. I discovered the matchmaker’s playbook in my daily romance newsletter from Amazon and I decided to give it a try. I subscribe to Kindle Unlimited and the book was available for me to read for free. This is my honest review of this book.


The Matchmaker’s Playbook starts off as Ian Hunter a playboy and former NFL recruit is waiting for a woman, as you read further you learn about his service to women. He’s a player  who after seeing his sister settle, decided to help good women gain confidence to attract the men that they deserve. With the help of his best friend Lex, Wingmen Inc. was born.

Blake Olsen is one of the guys, she came from a small-town to follow her childhood friend  whose she’s secretly has a crush on to college. She reaches out to Wingmen Inc. to help her snag her crush, only to find out that the obnoxious and hot Ian Hunter is the key to her happiness.

Will Ian help Blake snatch the attention of her childhood crush?

The matchmaker’s playbook is a love story following Ian Hunter the playboy who doesn’t think he deserves love and Blake Olsen a sexy tomboyish nursing student who shows him he needs it.

The story sucked me in from the first page; I enjoyed the high-resolution pictures and rich graphic images.  The  book was moderately paced and the author did not bore me with irrelevant fluff. The story was expertly presented in a manner that kept me locked in from start to finish. I enjoyed the imagery;the surroundings were explained tastefully not taking away from the story. I would definitely recommend this book as a light read. Ms. Van Dyken did a great job with the other characters, she gave just enough to intrigue me so I was emotionally invested in all  the characters at the end of the book.

If I could describe this book in a few words I would say its fun, sexy and light-hearted. Love comes in different forms and this was a cliché free romantic adventure.

I provided a link to The Match maker’s playbook below.



No book is perfect, but this was a great read.

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Book Review: coming soon

I special thank you for all the tips I’ve received yesterday, it was extremely helpful. I am currently trying to find the best one that fits me.

The Matchmaker’s playbook by Rachel Van Dyken has held me hostage for a few days.

It is a great read and I hope to share my thoughts with you very soon.
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The Reader : How does the modern day writer find time for reading?

Gone are the days that as a writer all you were responsible for was the proper maintenance of your typewriter and a good manuscript. People were able to write a story, hand it to their editors and relax. Now you’re responsible for  your manuscript being error free, well-developed and developing a platform to help set your project up for success. I am definitely not complaining my question is how do a writer balance a professional career while finding time to read?


Reading is my first love.

To seasoned writers:

What are some strategies do you implement to balance reading time and your writing life?

You can place your tips in the comment section.


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I want to extend my sincerest gratitude to everyone that took part of the creative prompt. I am thankful that you chose to follow my blog and to participate in my writing prompt. This was a wonderful experience and I learned a lot along the way. In everything I do I like to do it the best of my abilities.

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Creative writing prompt

Creative writing prompt #1

Thank you to all my followers, I really appreciate you taking the time to read my blog.  As promised the writing prompt is as follows:-


You woke up in a dark alley at night with nothing except the clothes on your back and a cellphone with one number in it. You touch your head and realize there is a small bump, you try to think back to how you got there but everything is a blur. You walk out the alley to a city that’s buzzing with lights and activity; the phone rings and you stare at it. In 500 words you can either write a story that recalls how you woke up in the alley or write a story about what happens next.


  • Don’t over think just write
  • Story no more than 500 words
  • Character must have a love interest

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