Book Review: coming soon

I special thank you for all the tips I’ve received yesterday, it was extremely helpful. I am currently trying to find the best one that fits me.

The Matchmaker’s playbook by Rachel Van Dyken has held me hostage for a few days.

It is a great read and I hope to share my thoughts with you very soon.
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The Reader : How does the modern day writer find time for reading?

Gone are the days that as a writer all you were responsible for was the proper maintenance of your typewriter and a good manuscript. People were able to write a story, hand it to their editors and relax. Now you’re responsible for  your manuscript being error free, well-developed and developing a platform to help set your project up for success. I am definitely not complaining my question is how do a writer balance a professional career while finding time to read?


Reading is my first love.

To seasoned writers:

What are some strategies do you implement to balance reading time and your writing life?

You can place your tips in the comment section.


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Thank you

Thank you

I want to extend my sincerest gratitude to everyone that took part of the creative prompt. I am thankful that you chose to follow my blog and to participate in my writing prompt. This was a wonderful experience and I learned a lot along the way. In everything I do I like to do it the best of my abilities.

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Creative writing prompt

Creative writing prompt #1

Thank you to all my followers, I really appreciate you taking the time to read my blog.  As promised the writing prompt is as follows:-


You woke up in a dark alley at night with nothing except the clothes on your back and a cellphone with one number in it. You touch your head and realize there is a small bump, you try to think back to how you got there but everything is a blur. You walk out the alley to a city that’s buzzing with lights and activity; the phone rings and you stare at it. In 500 words you can either write a story that recalls how you woke up in the alley or write a story about what happens next.


  • Don’t over think just write
  • Story no more than 500 words
  • Character must have a love interest

All creative stories must be emailed to ellewrites@outlook.com no later than Wednesday August 24th 2016 @ 4pm.

A special thank you to everyone following  this blog and good luck to all the participants.

Have a productive Tuesday




Creative Writing Prompt


Deciding to become a writer is more than a choice, I believe it’s a calling. Everyone writes, anyone can write anything. Becoming a writer is a lifelong passion, one writes because creativity cannot be ignored. I write because there are ideas and feelings that need to be released. I write because it as natural as breathing. The craft of story-telling is a life-long journey of experience, living honestly, studying the do’s and don’t s and learning when to abandon the rules. Writer’s block is any writer’s enemy, it is best friends with procrastination. To help myself and any writer who wants to keep their creative juices flowing I have created some writing prompts.

These are the rules

  • Don’t over think just write
  • You have 24 hours from when the prompt is posted to email me your most creative response.

The next day I will post my creative response to the writing prompt. The writer with the best creative response will have their response posted and be invited as a guest blogger.

The goal is to have fun and to keep our creative juices following, you may even be inspired from a prompt.

The first creative prompt will be posted Tuesday August 23rd at 4pm, the deadline is Wednesday August 24th at 4pm.

All responses should be emailed to ellewrites@outlook.com

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