Creative writing prompt #1

Thank you to all my followers, I really appreciate you taking the time to read my blog.  As promised the writing prompt is as follows:-


You woke up in a dark alley at night with nothing except the clothes on your back and a cellphone with one number in it. You touch your head and realize there is a small bump, you try to think back to how you got there but everything is a blur. You walk out the alley to a city that’s buzzing with lights and activity; the phone rings and you stare at it. In 500 words you can either write a story that recalls how you woke up in the alley or write a story about what happens next.


  • Don’t over think just write
  • Story no more than 500 words
  • Character must have a love interest

All creative stories must be emailed to no later than Wednesday August 24th 2016 @ 4pm.

A special thank you to everyone following  this blog and good luck to all the participants.

Have a productive Tuesday



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