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Coming soon: Claim: The Alpha’s True Mate

Claim: The Alpha’s True Mate is for readers 18+.  Claim, is an erotic paranormal romance with no cliffhangers. I hope you enjoy this teaser.

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Three things matter to me in this world, family, the family’s business and fighting nature’s urge to mate. Mating in my world means submission, and I am nobody’s bitch. I’m a lone wolf who likes her freedom. I don’t need saving; I don’t follow pack rules, and I don’t need the sexy Alpha Malcolm following me around. The wolf inside me recognizes him as her true mate; he may have won her over, but it will take more than sexy smile to convince me to join a pack.
Cady Mills
Lone Wolf



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Three things matter to me in this world, my pack, the pack’s business and a feisty lone wolf by the name of Cady. After the death of her mother, Cady has been moving place to place with her lone wolf uncle, Erik. When Erik decides to open a shifter bar near my territory, I knew it was time to claim my mate.
There’s only one problem she thinks I want to control her. It’s hard to convince her I don’t want to tame her when I’m Alpha to her old pack.
She’s mine, her wolf knows it. Now’s it’s time to show Ms. Mills that you can’t fight nature or destiny.
Malcolm Rivers
Alpha of Cresten Pack


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New Year New Projects

Blue Wood (1)

Meet Gideon Black Alpha King of the wolf shifters

Gideon Black must find a witch, the magic from the witches that serve him won’t keep his world hidden for long. Most of the powerful witches have long abandoned them and the veil that hides them from the world will soon be vanquished unless he can find one powerful witch to keep the veil up. The only problem with that is, she must never leave. Gideon is prepared to do whatever it takes to keep his people safe, even if it means to take a witch as his bride.

My new Wattpad paranormal romance project, the first chapter is posted for your enjoyment. Click on the link below. Every week a chapter will be posted on Wattpad.

Under His Rule


2017 was a year filled with writing for 2018 I want to share my projects.

Coming soon also will be my short wolf shifter romance Claim: The Alpha’s mate

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Introducing the Alpha of Cresten wolf pack Malcolm and his journey to protect his true mate Cady from the dangers of being a lone shifter surrounded by two wolf packs.


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