I Resign : Chapter Release

The road to being a published author is different for everyone. For me, it was filled with incomplete thoughts and ideas that never came to fruition. After battling self-doubts, I am pleased to say I am the victor.  I am releasing a chapter from my short erotic read “I Resign” from my “Tricky Bosses” series. The publication date for I Resign is set for July 27th, 2018. To receive a copy of the Chapter click on the link, I Resign Release. I used the site Instafreebie to distribute my chapter. All readers have to do is sign up for an Instafreebie account and download the chapter in the preferred format.

A special thank you for everyone reading this blog and to my friends and family who always encouraged me and did not allow me to give up.

I Resign Release

I_rise_ (1)

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About writerellerichards

Elle Richards is the pen name for a romance writer. Elle writes erotic romance, contemporary, paranormal etc. In her spare time she reads avid and reviews books on Goodreads.