Hi there,

I’m Elle. I am so excited to be sharing my world with you!

I am a mom, a nana, a business owner, and an author.

I’m not into those stuffy 3rd person bios, and you’ll learn a lot more about me through my blog as time goes on, but let’s just start with the basics:

I’m a happily married, bisexual, curvy sexual experimenter who has always wanted to write erotica. My stories are a mix of my experiences, my fantasies, and my research.

I’ve explored my sexuality since I was an early teen. It’s only now, as I approach 50, that I actually feel more comfortable in my body and with my sexuality. Even though I was not raised in a religious household (I myself am an atheist) I was raised by puritanical parents who made sex and sexuality a sin. Overcoming that and society’s attitude toward sexually empowered women has been a journey – but it’s the journey that matters, right? And it’s that journey that has helped me discover Elle, the character (loosely based on, but definitely not, Elle the author).

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The first two books in the ElleVentures series, The Party and The Auction are now available on Amazon and through SmashWords. ElleVentures: The Training is currently turning me on with every page I write. This third book will be out this summer, along with Inside Elle, an autobiographical story of my own personal sexual explorations, which will be out this summer.

Thanks for being here – I really am happy you visited. If you want to get to know me better, I pretty much live on Twitter. You will often find me there.

Love Elle

I’ve read your story twice more today. I just wanted to tell you how hot it is. I’m really into the main character and I can’t wait to read more.

I just read “The Ex.” In one word, outstanding. You write so well and your description was so clear I could actually picture it. On my rating system, the “Hard Meter,” I assure you it was a full erection.

by Elle Vanzel

The Party

“You’re mine tonight. I get to do anything with you I want. And what I want is for you to be a good little party favor. This is my biggest charity event, and the people inside are willing to drop big bucks to help. But they expect something for it – something special. And I expect you to deliver.”

The Auction

The mix of nerves, fear, and titillation I felt were almost overwhelming, as I considered the possibility of spending an entire sinful weekend with someone else, all the while knowing that Ian would be with Carrie. Was I prepared to sell my body – and perhaps my soul – to the highest bidder?

The Training

Can a person discover the depth of their desires – and limits – in only a week? That certainly seems to be the goal Ian and Carrie have for Elle as she spends a week in Colorado exploring her submissive side and being trained in the art of subservience. But will she find more than she bargained for?

Inside Elle

You’ve gotten to know Elle’s fantasy world, but now you can come with me as I share my real-life experiences. From that first bi-curious moment to my first spanking; from discovering my love for giving head to my first group experience, I open up and share all the stories that have shaped my sexuality. 

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