Oh my goodness! What an adventure this second book has been. First of all, my characters are coming to life even more and pretty much taking control of the story – to the point where there is now a third book in this ElleVentures series and I’m already about 12 pages into the writing.

That’s right, ElleVentures: The Training is coming next.

Don’t worry, I’m still working on Inside Elle – the story of my real life sexual adventures. From the first time I touched a penis to my first lesbian experience, I’ll be telling you everything.

But let’s talk about this book. It was supposed to be out in April – at least that’s what I told myself.

So what happened? Life, of course.

I got my vaccine, and I was sick.

Then I had complications from this pesky little lifelong genetic disease I have, and I was REALLY sick.

And then, because in real life I don’t just get to be a cum slut who goes to parties and gives blow jobs, real life work and parenting got in the way.

But, with the help of my delightfully sexy book editor (yes, I am married to my editor, how’s that for luck?) The Auction will be in your hot little hands (metaphorically speaking, since you’ll be holding some form of digital device) on June 3.

Why wait? Make me happy and preorder it NOW!!

Here’s a first look at the cover:

Cover of the book ElleVentures: The Auction by Elle Vanzel featuring a woman in white thigh highs with pearls draped over her. She is lying on her side and all we can see is the curve of her hip, her hand.

I’m really proud of this book for a number of reasons, but most of all because it gets serious now, right? I have a free short story (The Ex, which you can get by subscribing to my newsletter), a first foray into the world of Erotica with The Party, and now, not only is The Auction out June 3rd but I’m well on my way to having a whole trilogy.

I mean, I’m a nerd. Trilogies are the thing. Lord of the Rings. Star Wars. Planet of the Apes (new – although I love the old five). Matrix. Trilogies are where it’s at.

So I’m proud of myself. But I’m also grateful. So many of you have supported and encouraged me as I jumped into this fray almost a year ago. I’m grateful for the emails, comments, connections through Twitter, and friendships that I have formed.

I’m also humbled and grateful for the uplifting support I’ve received from other erotica authors. In so many industries, all you see is backstabbing and competition – and I’m sure that’s here, too, but I’ve been lucky enough to connect with the some of the best writers who have served as mentors, sounding boards, advice givers, and friends. I mean who else do you ask for one more way to describe an orgasm, and who do you turn to when you need to understand the pleasures of anal sex when you don’t actually have it yourself?

Yeah, those erotica writers are pretty damn cool. And I’m feeling like I might actually get to be one of them.

So don’t forget to order The Auction and if you haven’t read it yet, grab The Party too. You can get it on Amazon, but it’s for sale on SmashWords for only 99 cents through May 31! (Amazon won’t let me lower the price because I refuse to be exclusive with them).

Oh – for funsies, I also did an interview on SmashWords. You can read it here.

Love Elle

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