Hi, I’m Elle. Since I’m just getting started and don’t have much of a blog yet, I thought I’d use this space to at least let you know a little bit about me. First, let’s weed through some things:
  • I am almost 50, and my birthday is my favorite holiday.
  • I am happily married. Really, truly, happily, 20+ years. There is nothing you can offer me that will change that.
  • I have a deep desire to be a cuckquean – that is, for my husband to have girlfriends, lovers, and more – whether or not I get to be involved (although, ideally, they will enjoy making it clear the position they hold with him and over me).
  • I like spankings – a lot.
  • Even more than spankings, I love to give blow jobs. I can’t get enough. I don’t see anything wrong with giving blow jobs to friends – and, luckily, my husband doesn’t see any problem with it either.
  • I am not a Barbie Doll. I have a curvy, voluptuous, squishy body that I’m learning to love. If you don’t like it, please just move on, because self-esteem can be fragile and I don’t need your barbs piercing my newly found confidence.
  • I really do love making new friends, so if you want to interact with me, I practically live on Twitter. Follow me here.

I’m working hard on my book series, but I also have a day job, in the SFW world, where I run a marketing firm and help authors write, edit, and market their books. That’s the work that pays for my travel (not that I’m doing much of that lately, though I am hiding from the pandemic in England).

 I am looking forward to getting to you know you better as I share more of myself and my work.

Love Elle

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