I’ve never been more grateful to not have an editor or agent breathing down my neck.

Well, I take that back, a little. My husband is my editor and he can breathe down my neck any time he wants.

But seriously, you know how everyone was so happy for 2020 to end and claimed 2021 was going to be a better year?

I was one of those people.

And here it is, 3 months after the LAST time I explained how life was getting in the way of writing only to realize life didn’t slow down in the last 3 months – and 2021 has possibly been even harder than 2020.

What Is Elle Doing If She’s Not Writing?

Well, I’m back in England (yay, grandbabies!!)

But my health took a nosedive (boo, genetic disorder with no cure!!)

And work got busier (yay for clients who pay well so I can travel!!)

I’ve met a Twitter friend in real life (TWICE even!!)

But, I am back to writing, so The Training is still coming. And so is Inside Elle – the book that explores my real-life experiences, like first orgasms and first blowjobs and my time as a unicorn.

With any luck, I’ll be able to pick up the pace and get them both out sooner than later. But I’m not going to make any promises.

How Do I Know Things Are Getting Better?

Big clue: I’m horny. Like, all the time. Like, get licked in the morning and by mid-morning want more. Horny horny horny. That’s always a good sign, since my illness leaves me weak and anemic and not as enthusiastic about fun times. But also, the regular stuff: I’m not bleeding as much, so I’m not as anemic, not as dizzy, and my brain (you know, that thing that makes it possible for me to work and write) is more fully engaged.

But Let’s Talk About Sex

I mean, why not, right? Because I’m back to writing, I’m also back to thinking about sexy stuff more often. Because when I write, I truly do try to picture myself as Elle the character, even though she does things I won’t. That’s the cool thing about erotica – we get to explore the things that might, in reality, be a little unsafe or a little gross. But I’m always fascinated by where the story takes me – and how it helps me tap into my own desires.

Want to know my top fantasies? Of course you do.

  1. Public Humiliation. This takes on many forms, from something simple like flashing while at the pub to something naughtier (turn your imagination loose – I have).
  2. Cuckqueaning. So I feel like for me, the first fantasy and the second are related, because my version of being a cuckquean is also being submissive, used, and humiliated by the woman who “steals” my husband. Oh boy that gets me going.
  3. Spanking. Many nights end with a spanking for me – just a casual, we’re spooning, spank-me-til-I-cum thing. But I like the idea of more spankings, from more people, in more places. I write about my first spanking experience in Inside Elle.

I’d love to hear about your top fantasies – and about your ideas for (safe, consensual) public humiliation. You can comment here, connect with me on Twitter, or email me at elle@ellewrites.com.

In the meantime, I’m back to writing. Yay!! Here’s a little sneak peek at The Training that you might enjoy.

I became increasingly aware of the determination of these men to take everything they could get from my body, their sheer efforts to become hard again and continue their defilement of my mouth and pussy.I felt my clit harden at the thought that they were simply using me for their own relief. There was nothing romantic or sexual or intimate about it. They were animals fucking and I was simply the receptacle.

It was with that thought that I started to orgasm, but they didn’t notice or care.

So I’m writing. And if you haven’t read The Party or The Auction yet, it’s a great time to catch up with ElleVentures before the next book comes out. What I am going to do – well, already did – to make that easier – was make the first book, The Party, available for free on SmashWords (sorry, Amazon won’t let me do anything since I won’t commit to them exclusively).

If you haven’t read the first two books, I hope you will now. And if you have, and you loved them, I hope you’ll take a moment to review them on Amazon, Smashwords, or Goodreads. Because while being an indie author is great, it’s also a LOT of work to market your own work, especially when you are running a company and devoting as much time as possible to grandbabies. Your review means a lot.

I hope you’re doing well – I have missed being in touch. I look forward to talking fantasies with you!

Love Elle

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