I want to be a full-time smut writer.

However, it’s a long journey from selling that first book to earning a living.

So for now, I work fulltime and squeeze in the smut writing on the side.

Now, I’m a lucky worker, in that I own my own business and I’m my own boss, so if I feel like spending a Friday working on my website, writing a blog, and describing in great detail how a certain auction winner is spending his time training a certain cum slut, then I can.

But Life Gets in the Way

Health – I suffer from a genetic disorder that causes malformations of my veins and arteries. The disorder gets worse as I age, and having turned 50 this year, right on time, my condition is getting worse. What does that mean? For me, it means enough nosebleeds to be anemic, to maybe need blood transfusions. Lately, if I cry, sneeze, turn my head too quickly, or even stand up, I start bleeding again. The loss of blood makes me feel unwell, and also causes me to be lightheaded. I can’t take iron supplements, but I do get spoiled by my husband, who cooks me a steak a couple times a week to try to keep up with the blood loss.

Parenting – I don’t know about you, but I went into motherhood thinking it would get easier after they were all grown. But no. It’s harder. And sometimes painfully so – to the point where I’ve questioned my mom skills. To the point where I’ve been in tears (see the section under health to see why that’s so much fun). It saps my creativity, and makes it really hard to get in that sexy writing space.

Work – Remember that part about where I just want to be a full-time smut writer? Well, it doesn’t pay the bills, but I do own a marketing company that does. However, it’s a full-time job with a lot of demands involved. I love it and would prefer this work to having a boss and a cubicle, but the audacity of my clients – they expect me to do their work before I write my smut!

I’m Still Writing

Here’s the thing about being an indie author: You have to be willing to be patient. I have chosen not to compromise my vision of my creative works, which means I am willingly taking on all the parts of this work, not just the writing. To be fair, I have experience marketing other authors’ books, ghostwriting, and coaching authors, so I’m up for the challenge. If you’re an author who is struggling, do realize that it takes time, energy, and a little bit of luck to achieve success. Don’t give up. Your creativity deserves to be out there.

Writing Fuels the Hornies, and Vice Versa

The great thing about writing smut is that it fuels my already dirty mind. When I’m writing, X benefits from it. When he’s editing, I benefit from it. It’s a win-win. While I should be writing every day, I had to give myself permission to just let it happen when it made sense. Sometimes I need to shake off the hornies and do the work for the business; sometimes I need to rest my body and let it make more blood. But when I write, oh man, is it fun. Here’s a little sample from my upcoming book, ElleVentures: The Training.

I had been so shocked at first that I hadn’t really been focusing on my own body, but I realized my pussy was aching – yes, from the pounding, but also from the utter turn-on of being mindlessly used by these men. The roughness of the ground beneath me, the determination of the men to take everything they could get, their sheer effort to get hard again and use me more – I felt my clit harden at the thought that these men were simply using me for relief. There was nothing romantic or sexual or intimate about it. They were animals, fucking, and I was simply the receptacle.

I’m Writing Deeper

Deeper. Harder. Yes, the smut is still there, but as I write, I feel the craft of writing growing in me as the characters and their relationships develop. The first book, The Party, was straight smut from start to stop. But those characters have lives and personalities and motivations that started coming to life in The Auction and continue to develop in The Training. I’m so excited for you to read it – but I’m also willing to take my time so that what you get is worth reading. Of course, I won’t turn away support!

So hang in there with me, will you? – through the health, parenting, and work issues – and the next book will be ready before you know it!

Love Elle

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