I have a great sex life with my husband – that hasn’t changed. But I’m still masturbating more. Why? Because of you. And you, and you, and you…

I make no complaints. If I could stay horny 24/7 and move from one orgasm to the next, there would be not a lot wrong with that.

But I think what has happened – and this is a good thing – is that I’m embracing my sexuality more. I’m more comfortable being a sexual person, and I’m enjoying how much my husband enjoys that, but I’m also enjoying how much YOU enjoy it.

Twitter Leads to Masturbation

I love being on Twitter – I think I’ve mentioned that. But what I love most about it is the people I’ve met there. I have made some really good friends (like really, really, I’m going to eventually be swallowing your cum good friends). And the conversations I have with those friends heat things up. My sweet husband benefits constantly – in fact, he sometimes gets DMs warning him to be prepared for me to be extra horny – but there are times when I wake up in the middle of the night and there’s simply a need to have one *more* orgasm. Luckily, X likes that, too.

Sharing Sexy Photos Leads to … Yep, Masturbation

Do you know how awesome it is to share a photo that it almost gives you a heart attack to share because you’re so unsure of yourself and have 10-15 people tell you how hot you look and some even describe in detail what they’d like to do to you or with you? It is a real confidence booster (I’m not talking about the jerks who DM dick pics and assume I’m something they can use to get off; I’m talking genuine admiration). So because of this, I feel more sensual and sexual all.the.time. And yeah, that means more masturbation. Because why not?

Reading Your Books Makes Me Pause My Reading

Most specifically, this happened with a recent book I read, Berlin Heat by Frank Noir. You might have noticed my enthusiastic tweets about it. I literally had to stop reading and make myself cum because I was so turned on. It was the middle of the afternoon. I was on the sofa. In the living room. With my husband sitting right there encouraging me to do it. (It took about a minute, to be honest. You really should read the book).

Your Sexy Photos Are Amazing Aphrodisiacs

I love my naughty Twitter friends who share everything from Monday Moobs to Frisky Friday photos. They are all sexy, wonderful photos that inspire not only masturbation but fuel the fantasies that fuel my books. And if you don’t think I’ve considered how to make you a character in my book, well, you just don’t know how my brain works. I’m either thinking about how you taste, what I would want to do to you first, or where you’d fit into my stories. Sometimes all of those things at once. 🙂

Embracing Masturbation without Shame

I was raised in a household where masturbation was considered a shameful, evil thing. I got caught once and my mother humiliated and shamed me to the point of nearly causing a neurosis. It has only been in the most recent years that I have – with encouragement from my sexy husband and fueled by my Twitter friends and reader-fans – really started embracing my sexuality and all that it entails (including the crazy fantasies that play out when I’m touching myself. I mean, where do you think The Party came from?

So I masturbate more than ever – and yes, it’s your fault. Thank you!

Love Elle

P.S. I’m hard at work on the next book – The Auction. It jumps right in where The Party left off. If you haven’t read The Party yet, you can get it on Amazon or SmashWords.

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