Elon Musk bought Twitter. My first instinct was to leave. I mean, this is the guy who has promised to solve the water crisis in Flint and promised to work with the UN to end world hunger and reneged on both promises. So when he promises to “fix” Twitter, I hold very little hope that he’ll do anything but muck it up the way he did my Bitcoin value.

I’m Not Going Anywhere!

I’m not leaving Twitter, though – and I hope you won’t either. Not for any esoteric reason like fighting the good fight (whichever side you’re on, since right now everything seems to come down to sides). No, I hope you’ll stay because Twitter has some pretty amazing stuff to it.


I hopped onto Twitter less than two years ago with the intention of becoming an erotica writer. I had no credentials. I had no published books. I had nothing but my horniness, my writing skills, and my deviant ideas. Yet from day one I was welcomed in as part of the writing community, part of the erotica writing community, and NSFW Twitter. It’s been amazing, and the writer support system that exists on Twitter can’t really be found in the same way anywhere else.


Twitter isn’t just a bunch of nameless, faceless people to me. Not only have I met some of the people I follow in real life (and plan to meet many, many more!) but I’ve developed friendships that go well beyond the occasional tweet. I have friends who have helped me through countless personal crises and friends for whom I hope I’ve done the same. I’ve made friends with women that I didn’t believe existed – beautiful, accepting, supportive women who aren’t competitive or mean but truly uplift each other. I’ve had the honor of becoming one of The Goochie Dolls and I have the privilege of hosting a weekly #blackandwhite thread every Saturday. Twitter is my happy space (even if it does slow down my productivity. Life isn’t about producing; it’s about connecting).

Stay, Ok?

So Musk owns Twitter. So what? Do we even know who owned it before or what kind of person he was? It will take about 6 months for the power transfer to go through. If things change too much, we can figure something out. But you all mean something to me. Don’t go away.

Love Elle

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