Day And Knight is the first of two books in a short series I wrote. The first chapter is available to read on Wattpad. Follow me @AuthorElleRichards on Wattpad. A new chapter every week.

Knight Protection Agency is a private security firm specializing in protection and security. Owner and founder Connor Knight had a rough upbringing. After his father was executed as a teen, he vowed to never follow his footsteps into a life of crime. After a few military tours, Connor started the Knight Agency with his old army buddy Declan. When his father’s former boss Grady O’Day hires them to protect his only daughter, things get complicated. April O’Day is the daughter of one of the most dangerous men in the country, and she is also the one he needed to forget. Connor thought he got over the fiery redhead. When they meet after all those years, he’s eighteen all over again.
April O’Day is not the skinny shy girl he left after high school, she is beautiful, bold and she hates his guts.

April finally thought she got out of her father’s shadow under she opened a bakery called “The Sweet Retreat.” Finally, she was building a future free of the violence that followed the name, O’Day. When a mysterious rival from her father’s past tries to kidnap her, she must accept help from the man she vowed to forget Connor Knight.
To stay safe, she needs to bring the man who broke her heart back into her life. Connor Knight is even more handsome than she remembered. The man is a walking women magnet, and the more time he spends in her bakery, the more she feels herself giving in to him April just wants to build a life for herself; the last thing she needs is a sexy bodyguard making things complicated.


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“If he thinks one steamy night on his office desk is going to make me forget how much I hate working for him, he has another thing coming.” 

“Grant Powell always gets what he wants, and I will not be one of the things he plays with and throws away.”- Kristina Daniels 


Kristina Daniels is a Public relations specialist at Windsor Powell, a third-generation business firm run by CEO Grant Powell. After a steamy late-night office romp, she gives two weeks’ notice and tries to find a new job. When job interviews get mysteriously rescinded, she is desperate to find the source.

Grant Powell wanted the feisty  PR specialist Kris Daniels from the first day he laid eyes on her. He tried everything to get her out of his head, but nothing worked. After a steamy late-night meeting, he knows he wants more. Only one problem, she just sent HR her resignation letter. Grant is not going to let the only woman who made him feel something slip away. He’s determined to keep her close to him at all costs.