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Porter Rains (The author of ‘The Fantasexual Encounters of Isaac Eden‘ & Michael Williams (The author of ‘His Eygptian Queen‘) read the three following titles:

Chalet Of Desire
By Hazel Porter

ElleVentures: The Party
By Elle Vanzel

Lucy – Queen of Clubs
By Tindra Lust

To my delight, ElleVentures: The Party was selected as the star recommendation out of the three titles. 

Interview with Patric Morgan, Indie Book Store


I chatted with Patric Morgan about writing, self-publishing and inspiration. Have a read. 

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Interview on New Zealand Dream

I chatted with Elise Smith Brooke, award-winning author. 

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Reviews of ElleVentures: The Party

Very erotic, it was a great read. Excellent writing that made you feel as if you where in the room.” Grant H., SmashWords

“Holy crow! As a submissive myself, and one who’s still learning myself and desires, this book definitely got me going! Elle’s need to please Ian – to please Carrie to please him – is something I definitely understand and strive for in my own submission. And Ian, oh Ian! To give her all her wildest dreams and dirtiest fantasies on a silver platter – EEEEEKK!! I love the way he loves her, that he’s happy to do this and finds pleasure in her pleasure. God I can’t wait for more!!! :)” – Kaegan S, Amazon

O. M. G. This short story delivered on my fantasies and more. Despite being a short story, the author gave appropriate depth to the characters, and after setting the stage, it was one hot scene after another. I honestly read it a second time within 24hrs in a more…um, private…setting. Definitely erotica. Definitely BDSM. Definitely hot. Highly recommend.” Christy S., Amazon

“This is a scorching hot story! You will not be able to put it down.” Ted H., Amazon

“I’m not usually into these kinds of books but something about elleventures gripped my attention from start to finish. It was an amazing read into a world I know exists but never read about. Highly recommend this book.” – Scott W., Amazon

“Wonderful erotic tale. An ordinary couple, full of life experience and love for each other, fulfill a fantasy in a most incredible way. Elle writes with great description and flow. Highly recommend it. Maybe read it out loud to your partner.” – Susan N., Amazon

“An erotic story that just builds with intensity as Elle is brought to a gathering where she is the centre of attention. What’s great about this sharp story is not just the description of the sexy encounters, but how the author concentrates on Elle’s thoughts and feelings throughout the evening as she indulges with and is indulged on by a variety of guests. A sizzling hot read.” Anonymous, Amazon

Have you read ElleVentures: The Party? Please leave your review on Amazon or SmashWords.

Reviews for ElleVentures: The Auction

“Wowzer I missed Elle! And again, I’m struck by the freedom she feels to express and be herself; it takes guts, and heart, and I’m so glad she has Ian, and Lincoln and even Carrie, to help her make her fantasies reality. Can’t wait for more!” Kaegan S., Amazon

Have you read ElleVentures: The Auction? Please (please please) leave a review! Amazon  SmashWords

I am so excited to hear what you have to say about ElleVentures: The Training!

Please leave a review. Amazon  SmashWords

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