Ok, fine. It came out yesterday. But yesterday was my birthday, so I took the time to celebrate rather than blog.

Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered the book – I am so excited to get your feedback (good AND bad – I do want to improve what I do).

If you have not yet gotten your copy of The Training it is available at all your favorite digital bookstores, including Amazon, SmashWords, Barnes & Noble and many others.

What’s Next?

As a writer, I never can be focused on what’s already out. I’m always thinking about what’s next. I am already working on the next book – Inside Elle, a “real life” version of Elle’s sexual adventures, telling the story of all my real experiences. Stay tuned for more about that, which will include everything from my first time touching a penis to my first experience with another woman.

More for the Trilogy

I’m not quite done thinking about the trilogy either. Up next for those stories: audible versions (looking for a great female voice!) and I am also going to get print versions out for those of you who prefer to hold the books in your hot little hands. There are also a few tangential stories that may come from this story arc, if there’s interest.

Celebrating Life, Love, and Writing

I turned 51 yesterday (2/10/2022, since this blog will eventually be dated). When I think about this last year of my life, I have nothing but joy in my heart. I published The Party on my 50th birthday, published two more books by the next birthday, made a ton of new friends on Twitter, and have started living the life I’ve been working toward – full time travel with my love. Not everything has gone according to plan, but who planned for a pandemic?! I am really grateful to all of you for your support over the last year (especially those of you who put up with me in your DMs when things weren’t quite going my way and the stress was ridiculously out of control).

So, if you haven’t done so yet, please grab my books. And if you HAVE read the books, please please please leave a review! It doesn’t even need to be a raving review – your honest review of my work is what helps me improve, but reviews at all make a huge difference.

I’d love to hear from you directly as well. You’ll find me occasionally on Facebook, Instagram, and Goodreads, and I’m pretty much on Twitter 24/7.

Love Elle

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