You have no idea how many tears have been shed over the slow progress I made on this book. I know, taking care of my family is more important. And my health is more important. And earning the money that lets me be near my grandkids is more important.

But still.

All I have wanted to do is write this book and finish this story.


To those of you who have encouraged me through the rough moments, thank you. Your friendship and patience has really been amazing.

And I have to express my utter appreciation to my husband, who happens to be my editor (he’s a professional book editor; I just get really great prices and priority service).

Because of his efforts, I actually have a promised launch date for the book!

FEBRUARY 10, 2022

ElleVentures: The Training








Some of you may remember that my first book, The Party, was launched on my 50th birthday.

I was a little sad because we were on lockdown, so I couldn’t really have a party. And I couldn’t even get together with anyone.

But launching that first book was the culmination of years of rearranging my life and my business to carve out writing time for me. I always wanted to write erotica.

The people who read and gave me feedback on that first book were my inspiration to keep writing.

So here we are, a year later.

In ElleVentures: The Training, Elle spends a week in the hands of a man who can be both as soft as silk and as hard as steel. In that one week, she learns more about herself and her desire to serve than she ever thought possible – and discovers she really was meant for providing pleasure.

I better give you the content warning now – this book is dirty. I put my most depraved ideas and thoughts into this one. Some of it builds off my own fantasies, and some of it is just my imagination running wild.

The Training ended up being about twice as long as the first two books. It really digs in to the characters, especially Elle. But it also has some pretty intense scenes. (Yes, they made me horny).

There are a ton of people I need to thank, though, because this book needed input. I set it in a ski resort town. One I’ve never been to. And I don’t ski. And I’m really not fond of snow, or heights, or the cold. But it was the perfect place to set the story.

So thank you to my friends who answered all my questions about anal sex, ski resorts, chair lifts, Colorado, bondage devices, and electro stim. And thank you to Zillow for having the perfect house on the market for me to use as inspiration for my setting. It recently sold for $5.4 million and I was slightly disappointed that I wasn’t the one buying it. 

So here we go! Less than 12 days until you can jump into The Training

Preorder links are coming soon, but while I work on that, if you STILL haven’t read The Party and The Auction,  I have made them half price on Smashwords. Details below!

I’m really excited, in case you can’t tell – and I can’t wait to hear from you. Leave a comment, connect on Twitter, or email me!

Love Elle

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