I’ve been really having a tough few weeks. Illness, stress, kid troubles, and the disappointment of having to postpone releasing The Auction to May (fingers crossed) when I really wanted it out in April.

Over Mother’s Day weekend, I was spoiled, and the migraine I’d had for 3 days finally disappeared.

I got a ton of writing done, then had another health setback.

But the most difficult thing to happen to me was that my Twitter account was suspended. It’s a long and boring story filled with the kind of drama I try to avoid on Twitter. Suffice it to say, I tried to do the right thing, but some people have black hearts that are only revealed when you confront them about their behavior.

This was my header, which apparently was just risqué enough to get me suspended when the black hearted woman reported it.

I’m appealing, but Twitter is notoriously difficult with these things (not to mention puritanical). I mean, you can barely see my nipple through the lace!

So, I miss my friends on Twitter quite a lot. But maybe it will let me focus more on the book.

And the book is what I really wanted to tell you about!

The great thing about being an indie author is that I can postpone my book so that you get better quality versus a rush job to meet an arbitrary deadline… and oh my goodness this book. It’s taken on a life of its own with the characters driving the plot forward and taking me places even I, in my depraved mind, didn’t consider.

I can’t wait for you to read it. 

To whet your appetite and keep you from forgetting about #ElleVentures, I’m doing two things: I’m dropping the price on The Party for the rest of the month to 99 cents – only on SmashWords; the [dicks] at Amazon won’t let me drop the price their because I won’t be exclusive with them – I don’t really like exclusivity.

If you didn’t already grab it, now’s the time. It should heat you up. And, I’m going to share just a glimpse of what you’ll get in The Auction:

The smile promptly fell from my face as I stepped into the room where he was waiting for me with that predatory smile of his. Clearly, “handling” him was not going to be as easy as I thought. I looked around and realized that the four men who’d been playing pool earlier had their eyes on me.

He untied my shirt and pulled it off of me. His eyes never left mine as he reached around me and unhooked the bra in one maneuver. As my breasts tumbled out, he tossed the bra on the floor with the shirt.

“Gentlemen,” he said, addressing the men in the room. “This is Elle. She’s my prize, and she cost me a pretty penny. I think she needs to start earning her keep. Interested?”

What I love about writing erotica is that the characters start driving the direction of the story – and The Auction has turned into something far more than the simple smut story I expected it to be. It’s already longer than The Party and you get to know Elle a lot better.

What an adventure this is! I hope you’ll come with me!

To get your 99-cent copy of The Party from SmashWords, use the coupon code AT59Z (it should automatically apply when you click the link).

If you can’t get The Party through SmashWords, but still want a copy, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help you get a copy.

Email me at elle@ellewrites.com – about the book or just to say hi, since I’m lonely without my Twitter friends (and yes, if we were connected on Twitter, I consider you a friend – that’s really what I was there for).

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