I’ve always been a bit of an experimenter sexually. Well, that is, after being an extremely naive and rather prudish teenager.

The internet, of course, made it easy to be exposed to things I would potentially never have thought of trying. Spending time chatting with strangers on the internet in my early 20s opened up all kinds of ideas, from realizing I was bi and connecting with women to having a man in Florida almost convince me to fly down for a weekend of being his sex slave (I didn’t go).

But I’ve discovered that some things are better left fantasy…and some experiences are better than fantasy could ever have made me believe.  These experiences were even better for me than the fantasies I had about them:

Spankings. Oh my goodness. I used to watch videos of spankings and read stories about them, but getting a spanking is a put-me-over-the-edge experience.

Cuckquean. There’s a lot more to explore with this, but for a while, my husband was able to reconnect with a very hot girlfriend he’d been seeing before we got married. They would get together while I was working, he would tell me about it, and she would call my phone looking for him (even though he had his own phone). Let’s just put it this way: He needs another girlfriend, stat.

Face F*cking. Always loved the videos of this (not the icky ones with the girls being gagged to the point of puking or anything). Wasn’t sure if my love of sucking cock would translate into this very well – but OH. MY. ORGASM. it does. It soooo does.

What fantasies have you experienced in real life that were even better? What did you try that made you realize it was better masturbation material?

I’d love to hear from you. If you don’t want to publicly comment, you can DM me on Twitter or email me.

Love Elle

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