My Love Affair with Twitter

I’m an old-timer when it comes to social interaction. I started on the bulletin boards in the early 90s – places like the Minneapolis Friendship BBS, which I had to dial into as a long-distance call and one month cost me over $500. From the BBS came AOL chat rooms (before they were bot-infested wastelands).

I met some of my best friends in these places, including my husband, so I’m no stranger to digital beginnings.

But it wasn’t until I began connecting with the naughty minds of Twitter (along with so many amazing erotica authors) that I found HOME.

For me, Twitter is as close to the old AOL chat experience as I’ll likely ever get. It’s the place I feel free to be myself, 100%. It’s the most authentic piece of me in existence.

As expected, I’ve made some great friends there already – some of whom are becoming more than friends, some of whom will be friends outside of the 0s and 1s of web space, and some who have already had a dramatic impact on who I am and how I feel about myself.

People (ok, my asshole family) used to give me a hard time about the “people you meet on there.”  They were utterly shocked when I moved in with and subsequently married someone “from the internet” (even though we actually lived around the corner from each other and didn’t know it).

I’ve been on Twitter since 2008. I have 5 accounts, and it’s not to be duplicitous but to keep things separate. One is for politics, and it’s the one I’ve had the longest. One is for my SFW biz. One is for my SFW books. One is for my SFW blog. But it was this account – the one I started last June when I decided to FINALLY take the plunge into erotica writing and discovered naughty Twitter that I found my place.

Love Elle

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